Always ahead of the rest of the market 'Gypsonic' has found a product that is adaptable to new demands because of its light weight, modern & wide range of design, durability, long life and economical. The various faults that are common in such other product are not found in 'Gypsonic' panels.


No - Punched Gypsum / Plaster Board

The paper covered punched Gypsum Board looses its strength due to punching method and the encasing paper looses its strength due to weathering effect or humidity and as a result the panel sags and de-shapes in short period.

No - Mineral-Fiber Panel

The binding material used in the production of mineral wool panel looses its strength due to humidity or weather effect. This panel also sag and de-shape in short period. It can't fight against fire.

No - Wood-Wool Boards

As it is claimed these boards are not fully fire,Termite, or sag resisting. It has no aesthetic look and need further treatment like laminating with boards of other types or costly felt cloth etc.

No - Calcium Silicate Boards

This boards are reinforced by Cellulose Fibers these fibers can loose also its strength, there is also joints problem in this product.

No - Metal Ceiling Panels

The metal sheet panels starts rusting and coated paint blisters in short run. It has no deep perforations and surface to resist sound of different frequencies.

Role of deep perforation

Frequency sound is absorbed by the unique surface of G.R.G. panel.

Frequency sound is depressed in cut of deep perforation.

Frequency sound when pass through deep perforation and struck to glasswool mat and air gap behind the panel, it dissipates in back ground structure. So when you need quality sound and aesthetic look for long run you need "GYPSONIC" GRG Panels.


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